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About Composite Panels;

Vehicle Wrapping Foils are the indispensable material of the advertising industry.

     Vehicle Wrapping Foils are  self-adhesive and high quality car wrapping foils produced for vehicle decoration. Vehicle coating with foil has a more delicate structure compared to vehicle painting  , therefore it requires special care during application and cleaning.
     In order to ensure the long-term use of Vehicle Wrapping Foils, please follow the current Application Guide for procedures such as application, use, cleaning and removing the foil from the vehicle.
     Application or removal of Vehicle Wrap Films must be  performed by trained professionals.


ORACAL® 970 Wrapping Cast ORACAL® 970RA Wrapping Cast - RapidAir® ORACAL® 970 Special Effect Cast ORACAL® 970RA Special Effect Cast - RapidAir® ORACAL® 970 Shift Effect Cast ORACAL® 970RA Shift Effect Cast - RapidAir® ORAJET® 3981RA Eco Digital Print - RapidAir® ORAJET® 3951 Premium Wrapping Cast ORAJET® 3951RA Wrapping Cast - RapidAir® ORAJET® 3551 Polimerik PVC Vinyl ORAJET® 3551RA Polimerik PVC Vinyl - RapidAir® ORAJET® 3551DT Polimerik PVC Vinyl ORAJET® 3591 Polimerik PVC Vinyl


Highly flexible, special PVC foil Wide Variety of Color Options Matt and Glossy Floor Options Lifespan: 3 years (May vary) Ideal compatibility with cutting machines Standard width, mm 1260, 1000, 630, 500, 378 Standard length, m 50 Chrome - Lead not included


ORACAL® 975 Premium Structure Cast ORACAL® 975RA Premium Structure Cast - RapidAir® ORAGUARD® 289F Premium Lamination Foil ORAGUARD® 293 / 293F Lamination Foil ORAGUARD® 290 / 290F Lamination Foil ORATINT® CARBON Series NT Auto Window Film ORATINT® NT Series / Window Film ORATINT® SAFETY Series Auto Window Film ORAGUARD® 280 / 280F / 283 / 270 Hood Protection Films

Usage areas
In architectural cladding, spandrel panels, interior decoration, ceilings, door panels,
partition systems, overpasses, tunnels, elevators, galleries, display element dividing walls, billboards, banks,
protective coating on exhibition stands, fuel stations, commercial vehicles, furniture industry, airports
and used as decoration material.
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