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About Aluminum Profiles;

It is an indispensable material of architectural structures and advertising industry .

Aluminum profiles are one of the indispensable products of the advertising industry. It is one of the by-products that are mandatory to be used in many signage products. You can find all the products you are looking for with our wide range of aluminum profiles.

It consists of two aluminum sheets of 0.50-0.30 mm and 3 to 6 mm polyethylene (ldpe) between these two sheets.


Aluminum Sheet: 0.50-0.30 mm aluminum on both surfaces Intermediate Material: 3 mm low density polyethylene (Idpe) Outer Surface: Pvdf (25 micron) – Kynar 500 polished Inner Surface: Service paint (Polyester Base) Different application areas and according to different demands, production can be made according to demand in total thicknesses of 2.5 mm and 6 mm instead of a total of 4 mm.


125 x 320 cm 150 x 320 cm 125 x 600 cm 150 x 600 cm

Usage areas
In architectural cladding, spandrel panels, interior decoration, ceilings, door panels,
partition systems, overpasses, tunnels, elevators, galleries, display element dividing walls, billboards, banks,
protective coating on exhibition stands, fuel stations, commercial vehicles, furniture industry, airports
and used as decoration material.
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