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Led Technologies;

LED products are indispensable materials of many sectors.

Led products have an important place in our lives. LEDs will always continue to occupy a place in our lives , both with the savings they provide and with their high performance results . Thanks to the savings opportunities provided by LEDs, the frequency of their preference is increasing day by day. Because led lightings always make a serious contribution to the budget with the less energy they consume and thus offer positive results.


Module Leds Strip Leds Neon Leds Led Bars Led Floodlights Led Luminaires Led Panels Led Transformers


LEDs are semiconductor. Led lighting materials are silicon. When the current passes, they give off light with the release of the photon. Led lighting products are produced to give light at different angles. The voltage-current graphs of the LEDs are exponential. A series current limiting resistor is connected to the LEDs to prevent deterioration due to high current. This prevents deterioration of the non-sensitive LED voltage range.


Regardless of the area where LED lighting is needed, we develop the right solution and reveal permanent results.

Usage areas
Offices, Streets and squares, Building exteriors, Factories, production facilities and workplaces, Parks, gardens, Highways and roads,
Advertising signs, Historical buildings, bridges and monuments, In-site lighting in mass housing, Traffic signaling,
Interior and exterior lighting in the automotive industry, Shipbuilding, boat, aircraft industry, Carpet pitches, Gas stations, Tennis courts.
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