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About Polycarbonate Panels;

Polycarbonate sheets, due to their light weight,

do not burden the structures and allow you to benefit more from daylight .

Multi-chamber (corrugated) Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight sheets with a cellular structure. It offers high impact resistance and high light transmittance along with high insulation values ​​for buildings.

4 mm - 5 mm 6 mm - 8 mm 10 mm - 16 mm


Colors: Transparent, White, Bronze, Turquoise, Blue, Opal, Green, Grey, (Solar Control)


210 x 600 cm 210 x 1200 cm

Usage areas
Illuminated billboards, Greenhouse cladding, Football stadium cladding, Industrial building cladding
Roofing of social buildings, Solar energy transfer panels, Interior partitions and display panels
Ceiling roof lights, Telephone cabins, Shower cabins
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