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About Orafol Foil;

Orafol Foils are the indispensable material of the advertising industry.

ORAFOL is a subsidiary of ORAFOL Europe GmbH, the world leader in the production of innovative self-adhesive films, reflective materials and adhesive tape systems. ORAFOL Europe GmbH with a rich history dating back to 1808; It integrates innovations in advertising, graphic design, traffic, personal security and industrial areas into its products.
Orafol strives to provide its customers with fast support and high quality films.

ORACAL® 451 Banner Cal ORACAL® 551High Performance Cal ORACAL® 621Economy Cal ORACAL® 631Exhibition Cal ORACAL® 638Wall Art ORACAL® 641Economy Cal ORACAL® 651Intermediate Cal ORACAL® 751CHigh Performance Cast ORACAL® 951Premium Premium Cast ORACAL® 951Premium Cast 61 Cast ORACAL® 961RACaravan Film Prm. Cast METALLIC FOILS ORACAL® 351Polyester Film ORACAL® 352Print Polyester ORACAL® 383Ultraleaf Cast


Highly flexible, special PVC foil Wide Variety of Color Options Matt and Glossy Floor Options Lifespan: 3 years (May vary) Ideal compatibility with cutting machines Standard width, mm 1260, 1000, 630, 500, 378 Standard length, m 50 Chrome - Lead not included


ORACAL® 8300Transparent Cal ORACAL® 8500Translucent Cal ORACAL® 8800Translucent Prem. Cast ORACAL® 8830Diffuser Premium Cast ORACAL® 8860Diffuser Premium Cast ORACAL® 8870Blockout Film TRANSPARENT FOILS ORACAL® 8300Transparent Cal FLUORESCENT PRODUCTS ORACAL® 7510RAFluorescent Prem Cast ORACAL® 7710Fluorescent AC10Fluorescent Plus Cast ORACAL® 7710Fluorescent AC10FLUORAL® 7710Fluorescent Cast Plus 7710Fluorescent ORACALFLUORAL 7710Fluorescent Plus 7710Fluorescent Plus ORACAL. cast

Usage areas
Adhesive Foil – PVC Vinyl – shows itself in vehicle wraps and claddings, window designs, campaign and discount texts, signboards, window decorations, indoor – outdoor office decorations and many different designs. Foils, which have recently adorned the walls of the houses, add color to the houses with various visual designs and foil cuts. In addition, it is possible to stick your favorite style, music groups you admire or photos you like on notebooks, iphone phones, anywhere you want by means of digital printing foil or foil cutting.
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