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About Mohican Vinlys;

Mohican Vinyls,  indispensable products in the advertising industry

Product Description: Soft PVC vinyl with glossy and matte surface options.
Protective Paper: Paper coated with silicon on one side, 135 g/m². In order to provide a better contrast in the letter work, light blue  silicone paper is used in the white vinyl.
Glue : Polyacrylate, permanent.
Maximum predicted service life : In case of vertical exposure : 3 & 4 years.


(not including protective paper and glue) 75 micron


Dimensional Stability: On steel, no shrinkage in cross direction, length 0.4 mm max. Heat Resistance: No change was observed between -40° C and +80° C on aluminum. Water Resistance: On aluminum, no change was observed after 48 hours at 23° C. Shelf Life : 2 years Application Temperature : +10° C Foil Length : 50 Meters


105cm 126cm 137cm 152cm 160cm 180cm 200cm

Usage areas
Foil suitable for cutting processes used for short and medium-term marking, decoration and writing work. Indoor use time is almost unlimited.
Glossy versions are suitable for thermal transfer prints (with resin strips).
Note: The surfaces on which the material will be applied should be thoroughly cleaned and should not contain dust, oil or any impurities that may affect the adhesion of the material. Newly polished or painted surfaces should be allowed to dry and fully cure for at least three weeks. Compatibility of selected paints should be tested by the user prior to application of the material. In addition, the application information published by MOHICAN should be considered. Products are numbered according to ISO 9001, thanks to this numbering, it is possible to trace the product backwards.
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