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About PVC Foam Dekota Panels;

PVC foam sheets are indispensable materials of architectural structures and advertising industry.

Dekota, Forex, PVC Foam; It consists of PVC in the form of foam compressed between two PVC surfaces in the form of a membrane. Its surface is quite soft. It can be broken easily. With the help of a ruler, you can easily cut it into pieces with a utility knife, etc. There is no protective material such as foil on the surface of the product. Its surface is flat and soft. You can easily mark with your fingernail or any other object.

2 mm - 3 mm 4 mm - 5 mm 6 mm - 8 mm 10 mm - 12 mm 15 mm - 16 mm 18 mm


Dimensions: 156 x 305 cm – 205 x 305 cm *In bulk orders, desired size, color and thickness can be produced. Please contact our sales team for more detailed information.


White Black Gray Yellow Red Navy Blue Green

General features

- It is foamed PVC sheet. It is very smooth surface, light and flexible. It can be processed with standard tools and machines.
- Can be shaped at 80, 90 oC. It has sound, water and heat insulation properties. It is recyclable.
- Resistant to moisture and weather conditions. Provides excellent adhesion to polyurethane and acrylic based paints .
- It gives excellent results in screen printing, printing and foil applications .
- It can be cut, shapes and letters can be made in machines such as CNC, milling, jigsaw .
- Baked relief can be printed as letters and figures.
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