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About Photoblock Panels;

Photoblock, polystyrene foam

private on both sides

covered with paper

It is a lightweight advertising material consisting of 

     Photoblock is easily damaged and very resistant to external factors.
It is a durable material. For this reason, indoor
It is preferred for use in advertising. 
     Digital printing floors, photo backdrop, poster, banner
applications, graphic, design, architectural interior
applications and three-dimensional works; easy to process,
It is preferred because of its light weight and flat surface.

5 mm 10 mm




70 x 100 cm 140 x 300 cm

General features
- It has a flat and smooth surface.
- Digital printing floors, photo backdrops, posters, banner applications, graphics, design, architecture 
It can be used and processed in interior applications and three-dimensional works, models.
- It is a light material.  It is very easy to process.
- It is easily used in printing, dyeing, cutting and coloring.
- It is interior material.   It is not water resistant.
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